Sunday, November 13, 2005

         We fell out last night.  And it was all because of one simple thing.  He messed up his t-shirt pile for the nth time!  It got into my nerves (which is pretty usual) and he reacted with disgust (which is rather unusual).  Woah!

He is angry, I tell ya.

But I'll always be the diva!

        He aggressively stood up away from the computer and grabbed all his t-shirts.  Then he hid them all in the luggage as I angrily threw some more to the carpet.  Grrr!  It's a "mild" fight and in my head, I will always be the winner!  ...and I was...

Get these shirts or I'll thow 'em.

In a garbage can, they're goin'.

         This is how the diva in me is workin'...  If he's happy, I'm happier.  If he's sad, I'm sadder.  If he's rich, I'm "richer" (hehehe).  If he's angry, I'm ANGRIER.  If he raises his voice, I'll raise mine EVEN LOUDER.  And oh, how he dislikes it!  He gets embarrassed when I do; so he calms HIMSELF down to avoid further aggressions.  What does he do when we're not in the bedroom?  He "shhh's" me, grabs my hand/arm, brings me to a corner and whispers..."kuwayet, hani"... 

There ya go, Mr. Shh-shh...

So, I always do the shh-shh...

         See?  I always win...  But on second thought...  If I say I win by calming him down with my loud anger, does he gets a score, too, when he gets me silenced? Sowwwwww...  We BOTH win, huh!

         Actually, this is what (ALWAYS) happens...

When he's mad, I get angry;

Even angrier than evuh.

Takes a while then he woos me

With persistence, he's so clevuh!

         ...And it (ALWAYS) ends up with us falling into each other's arms.  Now, isn't that sweeeeeeeeeet . . . uh-hum!



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