Saturday, September 9, 2006
Img_2146          It was already a surprise to me when Lance said yesterday he's driving me to the mall.  He never offered this kinda thing 'cause he simply hates going out.  I wasn't really excited but the thought of him asking me to go out was something else.

          We were both still busy playing online games on our computers when he reminded me to shower around 4pm, which I did.  Then I took my prenatal vitamins and felt nauseous.  As I lied on bed I wondered if I'd feel better before the malls would close out.  Lance said not to worry 'cause we still would go out anyway.  It was almost 6pm when he told me to powder my face and asked me if I could go out, at least, our bedroom.

          Then Ate Mona came and said she brought 'afretada', my favorite Filipino dish.  Always eager to taste her home cooking, I got up and went to the living room.  There were five girls present: Ate Mona, her friend, Leah, Maureen and her mother.  I looked at the chimney and saw some fancy paper bags and wondered who's birthday was it.  Then I walked towards the kitchen table to get the food Ate Mona offered.  The table was set with so much goodies so I asked what occasion are they celebrating.  Leah said, "Baby Shower mo".  I was surprised!!!  I never suspected and again, Lance already knew about it.  He's been good covering all things up. =)Img_2134 Img_2137Img_2140 Img_2144 Img_2148_1 Img_2177Img_2182

More Baby Shower pictures to follow...



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