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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Hi, Grace!

I'm fine and I hope you are, too. Thanks for taking time browsing my photostream...

Let me tell you, I'm not really a pro. I learned Photoshop (PS) by myself no more than a year ago. Up to now, I'm still practicing. I use Canon Rebel xsi and lenses that vary depending on my need. I love using my F1.8 85mm lens though. It's good you have a Polaroid. It produces cool vintage photos. I edit mine to look like a polaroid.

As for the little cirles, they're called "bokeh". It's fake though 'cause I layer it through PS. A DSLR camera, not the simple point-and-shoot, produces bokeh as long as you have a good distance from subject to background. It also depends on what you call F-stop. You'll get to know these and other terms once you start using your DSLR.

For more info, check out the links on this page. Hope this helps a bit for now...

Again, thanks for dropping by!

Nelonie ~xoxo~

Hi, how are you? My name is Grace and im 13 years old... I just have to say that I absolutly love and admire your photos, i wish i was that pro. What camara do you have? Me and my mom have been thinking about camaras and she has finally decided to buy me a good profesional camara, but i think i need some help in that part (in what kind to get, and really knowing if i am ready for it.). I had a digital Kodak with 8.2 mega pixels but it broke about a month ago and i didnt take it to fix... yet. And my dad got me a Polaroid digital camara two weeks ago. I dont know that much about that one... And im really wondering how you do the littel circles on the pictures and what are they called?, do you use photoshop? Im close to having photoshop IF my friend brings the cd for me. Also i dont think i know about photography, but i am willing to learn. I have no idea where, because here where i live they dont show you a lot of stuff. So i was wondering if you could please, please help me out on this one.

I was checking out all of your photos and i must say that the littel girl is soo cute. Sophie, your daughter... I guess.

So please please RE: this if you can. I am very new in Flickr but im going to try and learn more.

Thank's take care.

-Grace ♥


{ Grace Starr } at: August 19, 2009 at 11:02 PM said...

Thank you so much. You really helped me. I am really happy to know that my polaroid takes vintage photos... Becuase i love that type of pictures.

Should i get a camara like yours... or do you honestly think that i sould get something different? Something like for starters, but kind of like that type. What do you think/recommend me?

Thanks again. And i will write to you again ;)

{ lancelonie } at: August 19, 2009 at 11:36 PM said...

Grace, I think it will all depend on how motivated you are in photography. I mean, a DSLR like mine can be expensive considering the lenses you need. If you really are so serious in producing GREAT quality pictures, then I'd say go get one like mine. It's a good investment in the long run. But if you just want to take simple snapshots or simply capture a moment without wanting to spend too much, a point-and-shoot (PNS) will do. I guess, some great photographers have their very handy PNS or, at one point, owned it. I still have my Sony Cybershot with me.

{ Grace Starr } at: August 31, 2009 at 7:35 AM said...

Thank you, again. That answer made me think a lot. I guess that maybe I will wait until i get a good pro.

I am sorry I didnt RE: Soon, I was at vacations and I didnt find a computer.

Thank you again... and i hope someday you can see my pictures on flickr. Bye.


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