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Thursday, August 22, 2013
{Don't text and Drive} by CaioBraga, on Flickr
{Don't text and Drive} by CaioBraga, on Flickr
Driving can be a monotonous activity so for some careless motorists, they entertain themselves with iPhones, Samsungs or other androids.
Boy, am I always glad to be a passenger! ~lancelonie
Morning weekdays are always the same for me...  I wake up lazily like I need more sleep.  I drag myself to the kitchen to get my mom-made coffee.  I go back to my room and get ready.  I come out telling mom to pack my breakfast.  Then I rush my way to the car where hubby silently screams, "Faster!"  (He’s such a cool dude though.)  On the road, it's just the same-ole same olds.  We cut through the HOV lane.  (I always applauded hubby for that, like he was a superhero . . . ‘cause the truth is I can’t fly my car like that.  I’ll vomit.)  And while my super-maneuver daddy zooms with his power-steering ability, I juggle my car breakfast with putting eye make-up on.  (Wonder woman!)  It's also a skill, ya know.  Boy, am I always glad to be a passenger!

But this morning, I got a little bit of variation.  I wasn't able to bring my breakfast but I was glad to have my mascara and all.  So this time, the direction of my black-outlined eyes was outside.  Starting to my right...

There's this lady looking down on her lap.  My gosh! (in utter disgust)  She’s texting!  On an early morning rush hour?!!  What a shame!  . . . and she knew I was AIMING at her.  I must’ve sent a mental text to her cellphone.  Hehe.  Her response?  She picked up a bag of munchkins to show she’s busy breakfasting...  Ha!  The bitz thought she can fool me with that powdery crap.  Who would stare down on some donut holes between her legs? . . . unless she’s checking on a rather interesting hole down there . . . or maybe an air-stale eclair that squirted out its cream filling...  I don’t know... Just sayin’...

Besides, eating on the wheel is also distracted driving.  Double ha!

Don't text and drive. It's the law.

Despite our government's campaign and stresses about road safety, people are still trying to get away with distracted driving.  Take texting for instance.  We know a neighboring driver is finger-happy when he had his head down for a considerable period of time.  This becomes more obvious when traffic stops, right?  I don't think a bag of donuts will ever be more interesting than a phone notification. Do you?

So, yo is guilty, bitz!
(I know...  My slang sounds funny.)


Driving can be boring.  We get it.  Our iPhones, Samsung Galaxies, android smartphones or any palm-candy you may have will then take us away from that drab.  Just that drab, folks.  We don’t want to be taken away to an ER nor anywhere else other than this physical world...

A very important cliche:
If you want to text or call, wait till you’re not driving.

Mmmm ... Mini-Donuts by annkelliott, on Flickr
Mmmm ... Mini-Donuts by annkelliott
(Come on now!  There are other ways to die without including others . . . some place where you can take your stupid donuts and stick 'em in your ugly guts, ok?! . . . Just sayin' . . . bitz.)
Well, the truth is...  I care for y'all.
Please drive carefully, my friends!  Care for some donettes?



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