My Landlord, My Friend.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Dsc05501         It's been a year since we met at Bank of America - Indian River, Chesapeake...  She spoke Tagalog the moment she heard me talk to Lance.  She was kinda glad to see fellow Filipinos.  I thought, such a simple girl.  Hindi maarte.

         One night, she made a surprise phone call asking if we'd like to move in to their house.  I was attracted to her offer 'cause it's cheaper and sounds like a Dsc05535bigger space.  And no smoke!  (We were living with a Bailey's girl.) But Lance turned it down kasi hindi naman daw namin s'ya kilala.  Malay ba namin kung anong na'ndoon.  (OO nga naman...)  However, in the middle of February, 2005, we finally decided to move in.  So, we came to know her better.

         Second impression: generous.  We moved in with just "our" basic necessities - clothes, shoes and PC.  No plates nor glasses.  No silverware.  No kitchen utensils.  She offered ALMOST everything in their house.  Her pantry staple.  Cooked food in the fridge.  Her digital camera.  Old tv, which we put in our bedroom.  Even her car (for cryin' out loud) if I'm going to take that driving test.  (Kulang na lang ata na pahiramin ako ng blouse e.)  With that, we felt at home.  She never doubted people unless, of course, you did something "stealthily" in her home that is against her rules.  (Di ba, Leah?)  Mahirap na 'yang magtiwala uli.  (Buti na lang hindi pa n'ya kami nahuhuli... Hehehe!)  Anyway... During the time when we haven't had a good income, she was very understanding.  Lagi s'yang "okay lang" kaya tuloy kami ang nahihiya.  She was never demanding.  It's like "pay as you please".  (Hmmm... 'wag ko kayang bayaran ang isang buwan.  Baka makalimutan. Hehehe ulit...)

Dsc05634         'Yang si Leah!  Nakow!  Sa galing namang magluto!  Nagluto ng spaghetti; ibinuhos ang isang malaking bote ng Ragu para saucy pero konti lang ang ulam.  (Ha-ha-ha!  Natatawa ako habang nagta-type.  Ha-ha-ha!!!)  'Yung afretada, menudo, caldereta Dsc05557n'yan... nakow... da best!  Graduate 'yan ng Mama Sita's Cooking School dito sa VaBeach.  Prestigious school.  Mind you!  Si Lawrence (her hubby) nga, galit sa fast food e.  Tinanong ko nga one time kung anong "secret ratio" nya sa adobo at ilang kamatis ang inilalagay n'ya sa kaniyang sinigang.

         Ka sipag din nareng si Leah.  Ah-ah!  Kagagaling lang sa opis e 'sang katerba na ang niluluto.  Nung masira ang washing machine last week, nakapag-laundry in between office hours!  She even finds time playing with her son.  One afternoon, as we parked our car, we saw her resting on a bike with Dsc05600 Mark.  She just went biking with her 2-year old on a WEEKDAY.  And look at her lawn, especially on summer.  Always trimmed.  She pushes that old HEAVY mower all by herself under the scorching sun.  Sipag talaga.  Naalala ko tuloy ang Mommy ko...

         Well, well, well...  Sobra na ata ito...  E...  Leah...  P'wede bang humingi ng kanin?  Pabahagi rin ng konteng bigas.  Naubusan kami e.  Tsaka, pahiram naman ng barya, o.  Mag-da-dry cleaning lang ako... Tee-hee-hee! =)

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