Before and after: Getting rid of some details by vintage effect

Wednesday, September 8, 2010
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It was spontaneous - a moment I always like to capture... I had Mommy L stand by a tree to shade her and Baby J from the rather harsh 1pm-light.  Against those vast greens, the young mother held her son and it was such a delight to see.  It was like hearing It's You And Me Against The World by Helen Reddy.  Do you know the song?  It's playing...

My camera bursted as I crouched down then up to frame my images well.  I was trying to be comfortable with what I was doing.  But then I felt a little bit rushed because they had to go back to the party.  It was Baby J's 1st birthday.

I looked at my Canon LCD and said in my mind, I love this shot . . . except for that one little detail...

The composition, to me, would have been perfect except for that dang tree!  It was sprouting out of Little J's back.  So annoying, I hated it!  Mom L did not mind though.  But I said, I can fix it . . . and I did, didn't I?

Click for more photo art by lancelonie.
Click for more photo art by lancelonie.
Click for more photo art by lancelonie.
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Some overexposing to that part did the trick. Then, giving the photo a vintage effect was my excuse to the fading background. This old photo texture was a good find...  Thanks, Temari 09, for sharing your antique paper!

You And Me Against The World by Helen Reddy



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