Thinking of heroes on July 4th

Monday, July 4, 2011
4th of July: thinking of heroes today by lancelonie, on Flickr
This is my daughter, Sophia, in Hancock Park, Los Angeles, juxtaposed to a flag photo I took by a beach in San Diego.

For this year's Independence Day photo, the initial plan was a faceless self-portrait holding a small American flag.  But due to an unsuccessful search on the shelves of the nearest 99cents store, the only hope was to rummage my archives.

Photo (left): Thinking of Heroes Today
by Nelonie Crelencia aka lancelonie
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My photo edits

The flags were not pictured straight so I had to line the pole by pressing Ctrl+' (that is, control key and apostrophe).  Since they are my focus, Sophia had to lose colors.  Mickey Mouse on her lap had to be cropped out, too.  A related photo is linked below.

After turning little Pia into black and white, I applied a cool filter and adjusted a little bit to match the sky. But the purpose is to not match the tone a hundred percent. Just a little bit tone on tone is just right for me. Finally, I lightened up the exposure so her hair won't appear too dark.

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Fourth of July fireworks tonight

Night sky light shows always amaze me; more so with Independence Day fireworks.  Tonight, I look forward to this wonderful amusement.  But for the meantime, share with me a moment of remembering my short story of The 4th Scare 2009.

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